Knowhow [nåu-hau]: The knowledge and skill to be able to do something correctly

Two Norwegian guys with the knowhow to create beautiful design and neat code.

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Art Direction, Design, Webdesign
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Art Direction, Code, Design
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Art Direction, Code, Design, Webdesign
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Art Direction, Code, Design
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Art Direction, Design
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Art Direction, Code, Design
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Code, Design
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Art Direction, Design, Webdesign

A creative studio based in Oslo

Knowhow is a creative studio founded by Tony Næss and Jone Fjellstad in 2012. At its home base in Oslo, Knowhow combines the diverse professional backgrounds of its founders to provide a wide range of services to its clients. Tony, a trained digital designer, believes that a great insight and understanding of coding and programming is essential to the creative process within his field. Jone, drawing from his experience in graphic and strategic design, is a firm believer in the use of conceptual thinking as the best way to add value to any given project.

Being small and versatile has proven to be a great strength for the agency. We believe it is a clear benefit for our clients to avoid any unnecessary bureaucracy, as they have direct access to both the designer and developer who is working on their project. To optimize our services, Knowhow also draw on expertise outside of our field. The latest examples of this are the collaborations with photographer Jeton Kacaniku and lyricist Øystein Tronstad.


  • Add On Communication
  • ARK
  • Aschehoug
  • BAMA
  • Bendik Giske
  • Bocuse d'Or Norge
  • Byråvalg
  • ClimaAdapt
  • ENO
  • Fjeldheim & Partners
  • Hava Instituttet
  • Home Eiendom
  • Impuls Reklamebyrå
  • Intodust
  • Jenny Skavlan
  • Kjeldsberg kaffe
  • Kulturmeglerne
  • LiveQube
  • Magefølelsen
  • Magic Maker Company
  • Malia
  • Maxbo
  • Nidarholm Invest
  • Oslo Dansestudio
  • P.A.R.T. Associates
  • Red Bull
  • Snersrud & Pedersen
  • Spiro Medical
  • Spoon Train
  • Startup:You
  • Yogafire


We Think

We believe that there is more to design than what meets the eye. Every visual choice is based on an underlying idea, and it is from here that good design derives its true value. Using this approach we have developed a strong focus on idea and concept work that fuels products of powerful design.

We Solve

We work across an array of different design disciplines, such as identity design, web design, web development, and art and print design. It is the very intersection of these disciplines that drives our passion for our work.

We Develop

Our strength arises from our ability to provide strong design solutions while also being in charge of the development itself. This approach allows us to have a holistic involvement in every project, and makes for seamless transitions between the different stages of development. We are in a position to adapt to any scale and are flexible in meeting the needs of the client.

Knowhow Studio AS

Maridalsveien 17B
N-0178 Oslo, Norway

Find us

Tony Næss

+47 468 43 637

Jone Fjellstad

+47 408 58 123